Our Happy Customers

"I had total shoulder replacement surgery in mid March and began my Physical Therapy shortly after that. I was referred to Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness. I was grateful for how caring all of the staff has been. Even though it was hard, working with them and their expertise and affirmation made the exercises not necessarily enjoyable, but certainly bearable and doable. My main therapist was Bryan and even though he had many other patients I always felt like I had his full attention. I have finished my therapy and am amazed at my range of motion and general shoulder wellness. I thank them for making this possible and highly recommend them for any Physical Therapy needs one might have."

- Anne K.

This is my second visit as I had 2 knee surgeries this year. Amy D is my physical therapist and has been great! The entire staff is helpful and they clearly work as a team. I would use them again for sure!

- Bill K.

Truly one of the BEST adjustments I have ever had! I was long overdue for a detailed adjustment and my body knew it. Dr. J was fantastic and took the time to address several problem areas. When I stood up, I felt so much better! I highly recommend this office!

- Corey B.