Injury Risk Assessment



Peak Physical Therapy is pleased provide a continuum of injury prevention, training, and performance services.

The purpose of the FMS medical assessment is to determine if a significant medical problem exists that may limit performance gains or may require orthopedic attention.

Whether you"re training for a marathon, getting into shape or preparing for you next athletic season, the FMS system can build total-body fitness, long term fitness and identify and resolve movement impairments. This system reduces risk of injury and helps you establish a plan and timeline for success.   We regularly treat professional, collegiate, high school and weekend athletes to help them achieve their Peak performance.

The systems will help:

  • Improve functional fitness and athletic performance
  • Establish a starting point and realistic goals
  • Identify and resolve movement impairments
  • Build lasting fitness instead versus temporary ability
  • Measure and establish a record of progress

The following organization utilize the FMS System:

  • NFL Combine Camp
  • Professional MLB, NFL, and NHL Athletes
  • German National Soccer Team

The focus is on better movement that produces more power with less energy:

  1. Establishing correct movement patterns (good mechanics / injury prevention)
  2. Improving speed & power while maintaining correct movement (performance)

SFMA: Selective Functional Movement Assessment:

  • SFMA is used to identify specific movement limitations that cause pain. It determines if these movements are a stability or mobility problem. 
  • The SFMA looks at 7 movement patterns that assess how you move. These patterns are then graded as functional, dysfunctional, painful, or non-painful. 
  • The SFMA is great for anyone who has pain with movement, whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or just want to perform yard work without pain.