Our Happy Customers

"I had total shoulder replacement surgery in mid March and began my Physical Therapy shortly after that. I was referred to Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness. I was grateful for how caring all of the staff has been. Even though it was hard, working with them and their expertise and affirmation made the exercises not necessarily enjoyable, but certainly bearable and doable. My main therapist was Bryan and even though he had many other patients I always felt like I had his full attention. I have finished my therapy and am amazed at my range of motion and general shoulder wellness. I thank them for making this possible and highly recommend them for any Physical Therapy needs one might have."

- Anne K.

"Koren and staff are the best. I went to their facility after total knee replacement and could not be happier. All the therapist I interacted with were very knowledgeable and committed my complete rehabilitation. Highly recommended facility and personnel."

- John C.

"It was a 5 AM class, ....I injured my back on the box jumps and Lyle was actually in the class, and tended to my needs immediately, sacrificing his work out.
Within two days, I was in his office, met with Lyle and his staff. It was the fastest recovery that I"ve had from numerous back injuries in the past due to Treatment that I received.
I can"t think Lyle enough for the positive experience, getting me back on my bike within a week and a half And working out at Manic again in 2 1/2 weeks"

"This is my second visit as I had 2 knee surgeries this year. Amy D is my physical therapist and has been great! The entire staff is helpful and they clearly work as a team. I would use them again for sure!"

- Bill K.

"I had a great experience with Koren & Justin. Went in for a muscle spasm in my back/neck. I'd been doing chiropractic treatment and massages. Justin was able to pin down what I was doing when biking and how that was contributing to my problem. Thanks guys!"

- Carol M.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Lyle at Peak PT after experiencing two injuries, over the past couple of years. While recovering from an injury is not pleasant, knowing I was in good hands with an experienced and dedicated therapist, made it much easier to get through. The staff is friendly and very accommodating. Lyle in particular is very responsive, and will do whatever it takes to align appointments to fit your schedule. I highly recommend a visit to Lyle if you are experiencing any discomfort or pain!"

"PT and Dry-Needling helped my chronic injury heal. I am no longer in pain everyday. Justin and support staff knew exactly how to treat my injury. They are prompt, informative, compassionate, knowledgeable, and great people to work with. I am hard to impress but I was very impressed. I am very grateful for what they have done for me. I HIGHLY recommend!"

- Erika S.

"Lyle was recommended as the "go-to" physical therapist for helping with some lower back issues I was dealing with. I've been to several therapists in the past and Lyle was by far the most efficient, knowledgable and effective to-date. He quickly assessed the issues, pinpointed the trigger points and went straight to work. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

- Aaron D.

"The South Denver location has the greatest people. Everyone has great bedside manner. Zoe in particular is amazing. Always greets with a smile and is great at what she does. She goes above & beyond for her patients. Highly recommend her and this location."

- Abbi W.

"Tara is the best! I'm glad she fixed my shoulder, but I also miss coming in. Nowhere else I'd rather go for my injuries."

- Jane H.

"I had a shoulder surgery that went terribly bad in Feb 2016 that has required multiple surgeries to correct. The care and support I"ve gotten from Tara, Nick and the Peak team has been nothing short of amazing. Both times Tara recognized my need for an MRI to see what was wrong prior to my doctor. I trust both of them thoroughly with my care. They are attentive and know when to push me and and know when to ease up to give my shoulder the best care. PT, when recovering from surgery, can feel like torture at times and Tara, Nick and the team are always so cheerful, fun, and supportive."

"I saw one review for them that wasn"t very kind and I couldn"t disagree more. I had My second surgery out of state and started my rehab there and I received frequent messages of support and check-ins from Tara and Nick even though they were not currently treating me. This just shows the level of care and type of response they give all their patients. I"d highly recommend this clinic and Nick and Tara should you need any PT as their number one priority is to support their patients and get them back on the road to recovery."

- Collette R.