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Strategies That Can Help Reduce Back and Neck Pain from Your Physical Therapist in Parker

May 23, 2013

One of the most common issues that physical therapy is used to treat is pain resulting from neck and back issues. It’s no secret that neck and back pain can become a debilitating issue, one that can lead to a whole host of other health concerns. An excessive amount of back and neck pain is extremely difficult to ignore for an individual in their daily life. If you’ve ever suffered from this type of discomfort, you are acutely aware of just how painful and inconvenient this condition can be. There is hope, however, and it comes in the form of an effective physical therapy treatment plan. If you need to address this critical issue, here are some of the ways in which a person can improve their back and neck pain from their physical therapist in Parker.

Ways to Reduce Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is a very common condition among Americans, as more than 25 percent of individuals in the United States say they suffer from persistent neck pain, according to the American Osteopathic Association. Chronic neck pain can dramatically decrease a person’s quality of life and can make things incredibly difficult in terms of movement. Neck pain that persists can also lead to additional complications, such as headaches and upper back pain. Often, individuals will overcompensate when neck pain is present, causing further issues in other areas of their body.

This is why treating chronic neck pain is absolutely essential if a person is to properly address their health and reduce the amount of suffering in their day-to-day life. If you recognize that you have an issue, it is always best to treat the issue as soon as possible so the problem doesn’t compound and inevitably become worse over time.

1. Apply a Cold Pack
It may not seem like that big of a deal, but using a cold pack to treat neck pain can be an effective strategy in reducing the amount of pain that a person is experiencing. By applying a cold pack to the affected area, you will be helping to decrease irritation as well as inflammation, two critical components in the neck-pain equation. A cold pack will reduce the amount of inflammation in your joints as well as in the muscles, two of the areas that can often create the most amount of discomfort when it comes to neck pain.

2. Rest
If you are dealing with persistent and chronic neck pain, an important aspect of recovery can be something as simple as rest. Sure, you may be an active individual with a full schedule of activities on your docket that you absolutely do not want to miss out on, but if you are dealing with neck pain this can often make the situation much worse. Knowing your limits and when you need to rest your body can be essential on the road to reducing pain. The last thing you want to have happen is to have a situation where your pain gets worse due to not taking it easy at the right time.

3. Physical Therapy
One of the best strategies for tackling your neck pain can be to see your local physical therapist. These highly-trained and knowledgeable individuals have a wealth of information regarding how the body operates and the kinds of things a person needs to do in order to become pain-free yet again. Physical therapy is a process that consists of appropriate stretches and exercises that a person can undertake on their own time. It also includes a degree of hands-on treatment that will help to loosen tight muscles and affected joints. This degree of information and knowledge can be invaluable in the fight to reduce neck pain, and seeking out a qualified and competent physical therapist can make all of the difference on your path to being pain-free once again.

Strategies for Reducing Back Pain

Let’s be honest: chronic back pain can be a miserable condition that can, over time, become increasingly painful an difficult to deal with. In fact, chronic lower back pain, in particular, is often cited as one of the most common medical conditions in the world. Truly, the act of dealing with persistent and chronic back pain is far from a joyful experience and is one that should be avoided at all costs.

However, there are times when a person cannot avoid dealing with back pain. Either due to an accident or other factors out of an individual’s control, chronic back pain can rear its ugly head and create havoc in a person’s life. As a result, it is important to take the necessary steps to reduce back pain in order to regain a sense of normalcy once more.

1. Stretch
Tightness in all areas of your body can lead to back issues if you aren’t careful. Consistent stretching is one strategy that is an effective method of reducing and limiting back pain. Holding a stretch for an extended period of time can be a great way of reducing potential back issues.

2. Lost Weight
While this can seem like an impossible task at times, it should be kept in mind that losing excess body fat is a huge factor in reducing your risk for persistent back pain issues. Research has shown a direct correlation between obesity and chronic back pain, as your body can become stressed due to having to carry excessive weight. Increasing your activity level will not only improve many areas of your health but can also lighten the amount of back pain you are experiencing.

3. Physical Therapy
Receiving professional attention in the form of physical therapy can often be the most effective approach to treating back pain. A physical therapist can directly treat the affected areas without the use of surgery or other invasive methods. By providing you with the right treatment plan to tackle this nagging issue, you will be on your way to dramatically reducing your back pain and regain your life back.

If you are experiencing neck or back pain and are tired of struggling with this issue, contact Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness today. We are dedicated to serving our clients and do whatever is necessary to ensure that a patient leaves in a better state than when they started treatment. Call us today at our Parker office at 303-840-7325.