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Fitness Trends in 2018 to Stay Young in Parker, CO

June 13, 2018

Staying healthy and physically fit is a top priority for individuals seeking to sustain an optimum level of wellness in their life. A major component of this equation is the act of physically exerting your body to improve your overall physical health, both through cardiovascular activity as well as strength training your muscles. There are a variety of exercises and activities that have become more common in recent years, and if you are interested in getting your body into peak physical shape in Denver, here are a few of the trends to be aware of in 2018.

The Importance of a Personal Trainer

Everyone knows that in order to get into shape, they need to move their body and exert themselves in order to improve their physical health. Often this means going to the gym and doing random exercises to raise one’s heart rate or to strengthen one’s muscles. While this is obviously a better situation than remaining sedentary, this is not always the most ideal way to exercise. Each individual has their own set of specific and unique activities that they are involved in, ones that require a certain type of strength training and conditioning.

A personal trainer can help a person fine tune their exercises by providing the most appropriate types of workouts that will be most beneficial for whatever is needed. For instance, a person that enjoys playing basketball will need different types of workout regimens from someone who is rock climbing or running. A personal trainer will be able to observe and assess if you are doing the exercise correctly and can provide real-time feedback that will help you properly perform the activity.

Additionally, it can be difficult to motivate oneself to consistently workout, as this activity is often down the list on a person’s list of priorities. By hiring a personal trainer, you will also receive an added degree of motivation to keep you accountable and on the right track towards improving your physical situation.

High Intensity Interval Training

In recent years, the popularity of high intensity interval training (HIIT) has grown due to its effectiveness. HIIT is a cardio workout session that is designed in short bursts of incredible difficult work. Often, cardio involves running or biking for a long period of time at a modest pace, one that will get the heart rate up but won’t provide you with the level of intensity that HIIT will do.

There have been plenty of scientific studies that have shown how working your hardest is a critical component to increasing your metabolism as well as shedding the pounds and decreasing the percentage of body fat that you carry. While exercise of all kinds is obviously beneficial and better than nothing, higher intensity exercise will burn more fat and improve a person’s endurance.
A crucial factor in high intensity interval training is actually the resting period in between intervals. Resting periods are incredibly important to this type of exercise, as your body needs time to recover. Switching between high-intensity and low-intensity has show to allow your body to adapt between states. A common example of HIIT can be seen in the rising popularity of spin classes, a cycling class that utilizes bursts of high-intensity cardio workouts as a core component.

Group Training

Something that is becoming increasingly more popular in recent years is the trend of group training classes. These are given on a wide range of exercises and functional training activities in an effort to collectively improve the health of the individuals enrolled in the course. Similar to hiring a personal trainer, the act of taking a group training course can be an incredibly beneficial act to engage in.

Group exercises have the effect of motivating all individuals involved to get moving, as the act of moving in a group can be a positive aspect of for those who need an extra push. Learning in a group setting can also be a less intimidating activity for those just starting out in their fitness journey. Group training programs are designed with all skill levels in mind, and many cater to those who are beginners.

Exercise Programs for the Older Generation

Often, physical exercise is primarily associated with a younger and more youthful sector of the population, but the reality is that exercise among older adults is a growing part of the fitness industry. As a result, classes are being designed and implemented specifically with this particular age group in mind, making the process of working out for older individuals a much more accessible process.

The older generation of adults is recommended to engage in some form of physical activity as a way to ensure independence is maintained and overall quality of life does not suffer. As the baby boomers continue to age, this sector of physical fitness is sure to expand, as the needs to this large age group will be made much more obvious as the years go on. For individuals who are in need of less intense and strenuous exercises, there are a number of exercise routines and activities a person can engage in. Swimming, yoga, and pilates are all exercises that can be a great fit for individuals looking to exert themselves without overdoing it.

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