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Lose the Weight and Train with Peak Physical Therapy

August 25, 2018

Have you already missed your new year resolution goal to lose weight? Or are you ready to take the next step to achieve your health and fitness goals? Living a healthy lifestyle will help you feel better and be more productive. Often times, many of the foods consumed today make consumers feel sluggish and tired. Not only does this impact your day to day, but also hinders you from getting the proper amount of exercise you need. Add in technology that might lead you to be more sedentary and it can lead to serious health issues down the road. It is important to make changes to your diet now, which is something Parker physical therapy can help with.

Setting Healthy Goals

As you plan your weight loss goals, it is important to not only be realistic but find what you like. Often times, people cook bland foods and eat fewer calories than they should for losing weight. Mix that in with exercise that is not enjoyable, and it is a recipe for failure.

The first step to getting started to lose weight and exercise better is to set a realistic goal. While you might think you should lose a certain amount of weight, aim for a healthy range. Start by using a BMI calculator. BMI, which stands for “body mass index,” is the amount of body fat factoring in weight and height. It compares how much you weigh and looks at how proportionate it is with height. There are calculators for both men and women. The healthy amount for both is 18.5 to 24.9. Aim to lose an amount of weight that will put you in the healthy range.

Finding Plans Right for You

Once you have set a healthy goal for weight loss, choose a method that works for you. It is very important to find a plan that is sustainable long-term. Avoid going on a fad diet that leads you to consume too few calories or is overly restrictive on foods. You may be able to keep up with the fad diet for a few weeks or month, but research has shown those who go on fad diets eventually break. When this happens, it is easy to spiral out of control and gain the weight back—or worse, more. Fad diets are also incredibly unhealthy and can lead to long-term negative side effects.

A healthy plan will have you losing about two pounds per week. It is important to explore plans that will work for you. If one seems too difficult to maintain, try another! Some diet plans to consider include:
  • Weight Watchers: Using a scientific point system as opposed to calorie counting, the newly launched Freestyle program allows you to consume more than 200 foods that are considered “zero points.” While it is important not to go overboard on the zero points, it gives more flexibility with staying fuller longer. You also receive a bank of points to use whenever you would like and can roll over up to four points per day. Follow the plan online for about $12 per month, take advantage of tracking and meetings for almost $28 per month, or receive tracking and personal coaching for $50 per month.
  • MyFitnessPal: MyFitnessPal is a free app that allows you to track your caloric intake. You will put in your weight and a timeframe, and the app will set you up with a number of calories to eat per day. It also will give you an in-depth analysis of how much protein, carbs, fiber, etc. you are taking in and suggestions on amounts to stay under. It also will help you track macronutrients, also known as “macros.” It is a factor of carbs, fats, and protein. Certain weight loss plans will suggest eating less of one and more of another. All can be tracked for free in this app. Upgraded versions of the app are available for additional features.
  • Clean eating: Not a fan of tracking? Or looking for ways to enhance a diet plan? Improvements in your diet can lead to weight loss. Clean eating involves eating foods that are not processed or contain anything artificial. This includes sugar, which you will find is in everything.

Importance of Exercising

Incorporating exercise into your healthy eating is crucial for health and weight loss. Find an activity that you enjoy and participate in it 150 minutes per week. While you might think you have to run, if running is not your thing, find a sport or activity, such as playing tennis, basketball or volleyball. Swimming is also a great way to exercise to work all parts of your body. In addition, add in strength training at least two times per week. This will help you become stronger and tone. For weight loss, do not treat exercise as a reason to be able to consume more calories. Keep working towards your plan, using exercise top supplement losing weight.  

Incorporating TRX Suspension Training

A great way to strength train is with TRX suspension training. Using your own body weight, suspension training builds strength by using gravity. An advantage of this type of exercise is that you can incorporate cardio in with it too. To get started with TRX training in Denver, visit your local physical therapist. From form to a routine, they will walk you through the ins and outs, so you can become an expert. You can continue working with your therapist or also begin to do the training at home. It requires very little space and equipment, making it a cost-effective way to reach your goals. By incorporating TRX training two to three times per week, you will begin to notice a difference fairly quickly.

To get started with your weight loss and fitness goals, schedule an appointment with Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness. Our team will help you with a customized plan to reach your health and fitness goals, become a better athlete, and even improve or eliminate aches and pains. We have locations all across the area, allowing you to visit the location nearest you. Stop putting off your goals and contact Peak PT & Wellness today.