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Accidents that Happen During the Holidays From Your Denver Physical Therapist

December 12, 2018

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes plenty of time spent with friends and family, travel, lots of food and drink binging, and endless amounts of holiday music you may prefer not to hear. But beyond the cheery moments present around this time of year, there are also some unfortunate instances which can rear their ugly head if you aren’t careful. These occurrences range from minor to serious, and everyone should be mindful of them during this time of year as a way to avoid this from occurring. Here are some of the common accidents and injuries that occur during the holidays from your Denver physical therapist.

Alcohol Related Accidents

The holidays brings many time spent with family and friends, which also can include a significant amount of alcohol consumption as well. While many people engage in drinking responsibly, there are still a handful of individuals who imbibe in a few too many beverages and then get behind the wheel of an automobile. The time between Christmas and New Years tends to see a higher percentage of drunk drivers on the road, which is why many police departments mobilize their units to increase drunk driving policing tactics. 

Slip and Falls

During the holidays, one of the most common injuries individuals can experience is to slip and fall on a slippery surface, as the winter is a time filled with blustery, icey, and snowy conditions. Whether you’re walking into your in-laws home for a Christmas gathering or perhaps you’re climbing up a ladder to deck out your home with all of the festive lighting displays common with the season, it’s critical to be as careful as a possible to avoid turning this holiday season into an unfortunate nightmare.


Another common incident to be aware of during this time of years is the prevalence of fires which can occur during the holidays. This time of year is marked with a large amount of cooking, as families often spend large amounts of time cooking their holiday feast, often for a larger amount of people than normal. This increase in the amount of cooking also boosts the amount of fires which can occur, stressing the importance for proper safety in the kitchen.

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