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Ways to Improve Your Overall Physical Health From Your Denver Physical Therapist

February 1, 2019

You’re probably entering the 2019 calendar year with high hopes of how you can transform your physical health in the next 12 months. Indeed, January is often a time when people begin to consider their current behaviors and issues and assess what is needed in order to turn the situation around. A person’s physical health is determined by a number of different factors which contribute to the overall picture of wellness. Thankfully, there are a number of choices and decisions a person can make that will improve their overall health condition. Here are a few from your Denver physical therapist.

Eat More Whole Foods, Healthier Snacks

A big trend in recent years has been the prevalence of individuals deciding to go on a Whole-30 diet for the month of January. This entails eating a diet free from processed foods and sugars, and is often reminiscent of the paleo diet. There’s a reason why people are deciding the eat more whole vegetables and healthy meat choices: the evidence is mounting that processed foods are a major contributor to poor health. The maxim of ‘you are what you eat’ is beginning to ring true more often, as you can directly see a correlation between poor health outcomes and the decisions a person makes at the dinner table. 

Eating a diet which is rooted in real ingredients is a huge way a person can improve their overall health situation in the short term. In addition to dealing with less complications from having too much sugar or carbs, eating whole foods will provide a sustainable level of energy free from the constant crashes caused by poor snacking habits. Giving up chips in favor of a carrot can be a difficult task for many people hooked on the crunch, but it can provide immense health benefits in the long-term.

Individuals who eat more whole foods and less processed snacks tend to deal with less issues related to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Beyond the long-term health benefits associated with eating healthier foods, a person will also experience short-term benefits of feeling better and having more energy. Making the decision to eat healthier can be compounded by following the next important habit change.

Exercise Regularly

It’s no accident that your doctor, friend, family member, or just general health-advocate will relentlessly stress the importance of eating healthy and exercising often. Indeed, these health nuggets have become so commonplace, it can be easy to look past them in the fight to retain and improve one’s health situation. However, things are often cliche for a reason and are a primary part of taking the path to overall wellness. 

Exercising regularly can have profound health benefits beyond simply being in better shape. Consistently exerting oneself physically can reduce a person’s risk for a heart attack, as your health will be in a much better state. It will also contribute to a person managing their weight, as it’s one of the best strategies for burning calories and eventually burning away layers of fat. Exercise can also contribute to lowering a person’s blood pressure, as well as lower the risk of other serious health conditions, including cancer, and diabetes. A person will also have stronger bones and muscles from consistent workouts, reducing the possibility of dealing with an injury as a result of a fall.

Find Time to Reduce Stress, Healthily 

Stress is one of the biggest sources of poor health, as stress can lead to a number of health complications, including high blood pressure, cancer, and heart disease to name a few conditions. Without a proper release valve for the stress we experience in our lives, it is easy to become overwhelmed by our life and experience compounding health concerns as a result. Headache, insomnia, chest pain, and upset stomachs are just a number of the symptoms that can follow a person dealing with stress.

Unfortunately, many people decide to deal with stress in unhealthy ways which can actually make the problem worse. This includes abusing drugs and alcohol, binging on food or television, or acting out in ways which are damaging to the person’s relationships and overall life situation. If you are experiencing regular outbursts of anger, out-of-ordinary amounts of substance abuse, or social withdrawal, it’s probably time to consider a healthy solution to deal with your health concerns. 

Instead of dealing with stress in a negative way, find positive outlets to channel and release your stress which won’t also impact your life poorly. This includes exploring a mindfulness practice, whether that be through yoga, meditation, or simply receiving a deep-tissue massage from a trusted practitioner. It can also mean going out with friends, spending time with loved ones, or simply getting the proper amount of socialization with the people in our life. 

Setting time aside to work on our hobbies, whether it be an art form or other form of recreation, is an important part of managing one’s stress. Having an activity which can provide joy as well as relief from the difficult parts of our life is an important tool to use in terms of balancing our stress load. Finding productive ways to channel our stress can help us make meaning of this experience. 

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