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Hand Therapy Can Eliminate Nagging Pain and Make You More Productive

February 13, 2019

At Peak Physical Therapy & Wellness, we’re no strangers to the numerous physical pains that we all encounter in our everyday lives. Our team of certified physical therapists, chiropractors, and athletic trains aid patients from across the Denver area with an entire gamut of physical ailments —achy knees from Littleton, tingly shoulders from Douglas, and even stinging backs from Adams. Our diverse team of specialists know exactly how to treat your injury, and can even offer you methods on how to avoid pain in the future. That’s why professional athletes, amatuer athletes, weekend warriors and competitive hobbyists have relied on our care for decades to keep them in peak performance.

One area of we treatment we offer is something you might not think of, but the part of your body that you probably use most everyday. That is: hand therapy treatment. You don’t have to be a violinist from Arvada, a carpenter from Thornton or a painter from Bennett to suffer from hand pain. 

In this era of rampant portable electronics, typing, and touchscreens, our hands are enduring a brunt of activity that other generations would have deemed unimaginable. If you use your hands for repetitive tasks, such as typing, and you regularly experience pain or cramping, consider visiting a massage therapist here at Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness for a hand massage. 

While the majority of our hand therapy patients come to us after suffering an injury to their hands —from fractures, dislocations and sprains to cuts, infections or sports-related injuries. Others who seek hand therapy treatment here at Peak Physical Therapy & Wellness include those who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, or congenital defects. No matter what your medical history or profession, chances are your hands take a beating just from the day-to-day tasks they’re responsible for every day. How can occasional hand therapy keep your mitts in peak form? The ways are innumerable.

How Can a Hand Therapist Help Me?

The team of qualified hand therapy experts here at Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness provide non-operative interventions, preventative care and post-surgical rehabilitation for a wide variety symptoms. The goal of our professional hand care experts is always to return your hands to their pre-surgery condition and, if possible, give you greater range of motion and more comfort than you had before your injury. 

 Whether you’re a Denver-area patient who is recovering from a minor hand injury or suffering from a  chronic hand-related condition like as arthritis. Our hand therapists utilize a variety of hand massage techniques to soothe aching muscles and release tension in your hands and fingers. Their numerous techniques and tools range from activity and exercise programs, fitting you for custom orthotic fabrications, and can helping you with pain management and swelling around wounds and scars. Our expert hand therapists can also consult you how about to more safely and efficiently utilize your hands at work —regardless of your profession — in order to stave off unnecessary wear and prevent future injury while establishing healthy work habits that will protect your hands long term. 

Even if you have not suffered an injury or are not dealing with constant pain in your hands, an occasional hand therapy session can offer you a tremendous array of benefits. The human hand contains a wide variety of acupressure and reflexology points which are associate with various organs and tissues located throughout the body. Hand massage is a quick, relaxing way to experience immediate health benefits, including improved finger and wrist range of motion, enhanced circulation and reduction of your trigger points in your hand muscles.

Denver’s Hand Experts

Each of the hand therapists here at Peak Physical Therapy & Wellness have earned advanced certification as a certified hand therapist (CHT). The CHT credential is earned after a therapist practices for a minimum of five years, accumulating at least 4,000 hours of treatment for hand and upper extremity disorders. Certified hand therapists must also pass a rigorous certification exam to demonstrate their competency in treating hand and upper extremity conditions. Our team of Denver-based hand therapists work closely with regional orthopaedic and general surgeons who also specialize in the hand in order to stay abreast of modern treatment trends and preventative techniques.  The hand team here at Peak Physical Therapy also specializes in splinting. Splinting can be used to protect or immobilize a joint, stretch or mobilize a stiff joint with both static and dynamic progressive techniques, or to facilitate function.

Top Notch Physical Therapy in Denver

Whether you’re an active professional, an amatuer athlete, or a practicing competitive athlete, we welcome you to explore the wide variety of treatments available to you here at Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness. With nine care and treatment centers across the Denver metropolitan area and over two decades of experience, Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness has established itself as the region’s premier source for musculoskeletal care.