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How to Stay Healthy During the Winter Months From Your Denver Physical Therapist

February 20, 2019

Let’s face it: the winter time can be a difficult period for many people when it comes to their overall level of fitness and physical health. Cold weather can spell an immobile fate for many people who allow the cold to prevent them from continuing to workout regularly. Unfortunately, winter months can often be a period of time where people begin to put on excess pounds and become out of shape, as the winter can restrict outdoor activities and physical activity in general. If you’re someone who wants to remain physically fit during this period of time, here are a few helpful hints to consider from your Denver physical therapist.

Get a Gym Membership

If the cold weather has you down and prevents you from working out as much as you would like to, you may want to seriously consider finding a gym to join. Having a gym is not necessarily a recipe for remaining in physical health, as you will actually need to attend the gym regularly in order to receive the plethora of benefits offered by this service. However, a gym is especially useful during the winter months, when running or playing a specific sport becomes less accessible for most people.

Enrolling in a gym membership can also provide an added layer of accountability for people looking to get back into peak physical health, as having to pay a monthly fee can help boost a person to leave their home and head to the gym. Gym’s tend to offer many options for people that can make the prospect of working out a much more realistic and enjoyable option. If your gym has a sauna or hot tub, it can also become a big motivating factor to get you to exert your body physically.

One major thing to keep is mind is to join a gym that you will actually end up going to. You don’t want enroll in a gym that doesn’t have any facilities nearby your house of place of work, as it will make it extremely unlikely that you will actually end up going to it. Select a gym that is convenient and will make it probably that you’ll get off your butt and get moving. Even if the gym costs a little more per month, the savings on time and hassle getting to the facility will likely be worth the extra money spent.

Get an Accountability Buddy

Many people struggle with staying consistent with their workout and dieting plans, and it can be especially easy to give in to temptation when attempting to make a change on your own. Humans are creatures of habit and can fall back into old patterns fairly easily. We may have the best intentions to change ourselves for the better, but ingrained habits often are the hardest to end up kicking.

One beneficial strategy to consider implementing is to seek out an accountability buddy. This is a person who can help to motivate you to stick with whatever your particular health goals may be. If you are trying to workout more during the winter months, having someone else to go to the gym with can be a major boost to your willpower. If you make plans to do something with someone, chances are you are more likely to follow through than if you are going it alone. The same is true of dieting, as temptation can rear its ugly head and derail your plans faster than you can finish that slice of pizza. Having a friend keep you accountable can be the needed detail you require to stick with your plan of action.

Consider Taking a Month Off of Drinking

January is often the best month for individuals seeking to take a break from drinking, as it follows the holidays and is a great way to start the new year off right. But even if you didn’t make the decision to abstain from alcohol during the first month of the year, selecting February or March for your month free from drinking can still be a great option to consider. Drinking alcohol can lead to feelings of depression, which may be exacerbated during the winter months due to the weather and lack of sunlight.

Even if you don’t have a serious problem with drinking and consider yourself to be a casual drinker, taking a month off of alcohol can provide untold amounts of health benefits and make you feel better both physically and mentally. This time can be a great opportunity to consider going on a whole food diet, as you will not be consuming any time of processed alcohol during this period. The Whole 30 diet has risen in popularity, as people are realizing the benefits of eating a clean diet made up of whole, unprocessed foods.

Taking a break from the booze can provide additional benefits outside of the immediate ones a person will experience as a result of not drinking for the month. Abstaining from alcohol will provide a person with more energy, as they will not have to worry about waking up with a hangover or feeling drained. It can also allow a person to get creative with their social life, as going out for drinks will no longer be a fallback option.

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