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Why you shouldn’t ignore pain from your Denver physical therapist

May 1, 2019

Pain is something that thousands of people ignore on a daily basis - but should you? Body aches and pains can oftentimes be indicative of a greater physical problem that might require you to see a doctor or Denver physical therapist. 

There are a few pains that you shouldn’t worry about, including workout pain and soreness. Workout pain, such as the soreness and burning that comes from lifting weights, isn’t something to be concerned about. This pain is caused by lactic acid buildup, and it should stop almost immediately upon putting down your weights or jumping off the treadmill. 

Days after a workout you might still experience muscle soreness, this is also common and nothing to be concerned about. Muscle soreness post-workout means your body is still recovering and that you worked your hardest throughout the workout! However, there can be a few things you should worry about when it comes to muscle aches and pains.

Pains you should worry about
Pain that decreases your range of motion. If you are experiencing pain that decreases your full range of motion, then you should seek the counsel of a healthcare professional. When evaluating this, be sure the pain is restricting your motion and not just something that is uncomfortable for you because of post-workout soreness. 

Pain that does not go away. If you are experiencing pain that does not go away, even after treatment and care, than you should seek a doctor’s assistance. Pain that doesn’t better after treatment could be the sign of something more.

Pain that is accompanied with additional symptoms. If your pain is accompanied with pressure, bruising, fever, and chills you need to speak with a doctor. 

Pain that is intense and constant. This is an important one. If you are experiencing constant pain, or the pain is so intense you feel nauseous and experience vomiting it is extremely important that you seek the care of a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Pain in your wrist, forearms, and fingers. Pain in your wrist, forearms, and fingers that is numbing, tingling, and consistent could indicate carpal tunnel which will require additional treatment. 

Pain in your chest. If you experience any out of the ordinary chest pain, especially pain that migrates into your jaw or neck, you should call an ambulance immediately or visit your nearest hospital/urgent care facility.

Pain in the lower right abdomen. Pain in your lower right gut, when accompanied by nausea, fever and/or vomiting means you could have appendicitis. Appendicitis is a life-threatening infection and should be taken care of immediately. 

If you are experiencing any pain, it’s extremely important that you discuss your symptoms with your doctor or physical therapist. If you are looking to improve your physical health situation and are in need of physical therapy due to an accident or other physical ailments, contact Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness today and we will be happy to assist you with your first steps towards recovery. Our extensive team of qualified physical therapists and specialists go above and beyond the call of duty to provide the highest quality treatment in the industry.