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The Importance of Seeing a Trusted PT From Your Denver Physical Therapist

May 9, 2019

When you get into an accident, the hardships and stress you will suffer as a result of this accident can be difficult enough. Dealing with and adjusting to a new reality can present all sorts of challenges to you as you begin the recovery and healing process. It’s not just a matter of getting well physically; often, a great amount of mental and emotional pain can accompany any sort of serious injury and it’s important to be aware of this when you begin this journey. A huge part of your recovery will be guided by the physicians and medical professionals who assist you in your recovery process. It’s incredibly important to choose trusted professionals when you are in the process of forming your recovery team. Here’s why from your Denver physical therapist.

Your Physical Therapist Will be Crucial to Your Overall Recovery Process
In the course of embarking on this long, potentially intimidating journey to get back to optimum physical health, one of the most important factors will be which physical therapist you decide to go with. As with many medical professions, there are a ton of physical therapy options on the market to decide from as a consumer, as it’s important to be aware of what to look for when making the ultimate decision of who you would like as your primary practitioner. 

Unfortunately, not all physical therapists are created equal, and it’s definitely a smart idea to be mindful of what practice you decide to go with. A physical therapist will play a crucial role in your recovery process, perhaps even being the most important factor when it comes to your overall recovery timetable. These professionals will undoubtedly be working with you extensively, likely many times per week during the initial phase of your injury. Selecting someone who will work well with you is key if you are going to select the Denver physical therapist who is right for you and satisfies your individual and specific needs.

Which Physical Therapists You Should Definitely Consider Avoiding
As we stated earlier, there are a wide range of physical therapists to choose from, which can be an overwhelming decision to make early on in your recovery. It’s important to be aware that although the vast majority of Denver physical therapists will be competent, knowledgeable and caring professionals who will sufficiently guide you towards wellness, there are also a handful of professionals who will not be the best option for you. Simply put, there are a few physical therapists you should definitely avoid, which is why it is good to recognize the characteristics of a less than ideal option.

If your physical therapist is ignoring you in the treatment process and isn’t listening to your needs, you should seriously consider utilizing the services of another professional. Remember, your medical professional is working on the behest of you and what is best for you, and your opinion and perspective should never be devalued or overlooked. You are the one living your life in your body, and a smart and considerate Denver physical therapist will definitely value your input when formulating your treatment plan.

Another type of physical therapist you should seriously consider avoiding is the one who will constantly pester you into accepting a wide variety of treatments which you feel are unnecessary. These types of practices are often trying to bill your insurance as much as possible, especially if you were injured in an auto accident or another type of personal injury situation. If you believe your physical therapists is valuing their payout from your treatment over your treatment itself, you should definitely think about going elsewhere. 

Choose the Therapist Who Works With You
In treatment situations, it can be easy to simply fall back and rely solely on the opinion of the medical profession who is providing you with their expertise, but it’s also crucial to remember that your perspective and input are a serious and essential component in the journey to become well. A physical therapist who is committed to working for their patients’ best interest will certainly and unequivocally advocate in support of their client and acknowledge the value of their perspective. 

You should never feel overlooked or ignored throughout your treatment process, and this also includes the formulation of your specific treatment plan. A physical therapist who is trusted will likely ask their patients a series of questions which provide insight into what that particular client values and what sorts of exercises and treatments will best help their overall treatment goals. If you haven’t partaken in the goal-setting process with your physical therapist, you should consider bringing it to their attention.

The road to getting well again can be fraught with professionals who are not the most knowledgeable or are not fully advocating for their clients, an unfortunate reality that many people should keep in mind during their process of searching for the right physical therapist. Throughout the process, you should always remember to remain your own best advocate, as no one else can truly tell you what is best for you and your unique situation. Seek out a physical therapist who will help you fulfill your treatment goals and be someone who works for you instead of against you. 

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