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Why You Should Always be Your Own Best Advocate From Your Denver Physical Therapist

May 22, 2019

If you’ve recently been injured in a serious accident, whether it be from a sport or in an auto accident, one of the things you will have to deal with throughout your recovery process is a number of practitioners telling you what you should do. This will come in the form of lawyers telling you where you can and can’t go, doctors telling you to get a certain treatment or procedure, and insurance companies telling you what will and will not be covered throughout the recovery process. It can be akin to being put through the ringer, an unfortunate reality when it comes to personal injury situations. If you’re in this predicament presently, here are some of the reasons why it’s always best to be your own advocate from your Denver physical therapist.

Practitioners are Not Always Looking Out for Your Best Interest

Although the vast majority of doctors and medical professionals have the best intentions when it comes to your treatment, there are still a handful of people who see your situation as a way to cash in and milk your insurance for all that its worth. If you are seeing a doctor of physical therapist who makes you feel like they care more about the number of billable services they can charge for instead of looking out for your best quality of care, you should seriously consider seeking out alternatives, as you don’t deserve this level of care.

There are many clinics which see accident victims, particularly individuals who are going through auto insurance, as nothing but dollar signs. These clinics are looking for every possible service they can charge your insurance for, as they know you likely won’t have to pay for anything out of pocket. While it can be tempting to jump on every service they offer, it may not always be in your best interest when it comes to your quality of care. For instance, some practitioners may push chiropractic services when your particular situation may not call for it. Always remember to trust your best instincts when it comes to your treatment so as to avoid being put through the recovery gauntlet.

Research Your Options and Don’t Always Stick With the First Choice

So you’ve been referred to go to physical therapy and you’ve been given a preferred provider which your insurance would like you to go to. Often, these type of clinics may not always be the best possible option for your particular situation, and they can actually be less than ideal when it comes to your particular condition. It is always best to consider researching your options in your area to see what other clients have said about their treatment and what type of reviews particular practitioners have. Your insurance may refer you to a clinic which has less than favorable reviews, a situation you probably would like to avoid as much as possible.

In the course of researching a clinic, it’s best to take a couple of different factors into account before making a final decision. First, you should seek out the opinion of trusted professionals, if you happen to know any in that particular area, as you will want to consult with every outlet before deciding on a clinic. If you have a friend or family member who was in a similar situation as you, you may want to ask how their experience was with the clinic and if they would recommend them for your situation. You will also want to research if their clinic specializes in your particular condition, as certain physical therapists may be better suited to treat your condition than others. It’s always best to find multiple options to pick from, so you don’t feel too limited when making your final decision.

Find Support as Much as Possible

If you’ve been involved in a serious accident or have suffered a significant injury, you haven’t just experienced a traumatic incident to your body; you’re likely also dealing with emotional and mental trauma as a result. Your accident may prevent you from engaging in the activities you find the most joy from and which are crucial to your overall identity and life’s purpose. For instance, a serious leg injury can significantly alter your life if you are a runner or are involved in an activity which is dependent on your leg functioning at a high level. An injury can cause you emotional stress, as you may no longer be able to fulfill your highest desired activities as well as you once did.

With regards to these situations, it’s always best to seek out a support system outside of your close family and friends. If you are a victim of an auto accident, there are likely support groups available in your area which target this particular situation. Receiving peer support from people who have been through or are still going through a situation similar to yours can make your recovery process less intimidating and less isolated. Understanding that you are not alone and that there are others going through the same type of situation as you can provide tremendous benefit to your overall recovery. You don’t need to go through this situation alone, and it’s best to find the support you need.

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