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TRX training guideline from your Denver physical therapist

June 5, 2019

TRX is one of the most popular workout programs out there, and it’s only gaining in popularity. The TRX program is based on bodyweight strength training, and provides participants with the opportunity to tone and improve their endurance. While TRX training only requires your body weight and suspension trainers, there are a few other things you should know before starting a TRX program - straight from your Denver physical therapist. 

The Benefits
Research has shown that TRX training helps to improve metabolism, which positively affects your strength and cardiovascular endurance. Through improving your cardiovascular endurance and strength you can begin to lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. TRX has been used to strengthen the muscles, increase flexibility, and improve balance.

In addition to the overall health benefits, an hour of TRX can burn approximately 400 calories depending on your current physical fitness level. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is the fact that TRX needs minimal equipment, as already discussed, which means you can complete a TRX workout virtually anywhere. 

Important Things to Know
You might want to consider connecting with a personal trainer for your first few sessions of TRX training. While beneficial, it can be easy to harm yourself if you aren’t properly prepared. 
Classes are also an option in getting started, it might help to be surrounded by others also enjoying a TRX workout! If you do attend a class, you shouldn’t have to bring anything besides yourself.
You will need to take it slow when starting a TRX training regime. TRX can be used to build strength, but it must be done incrementally to be effective. 

Getting Started
If you decide not to connect with a personal trainer to being your TRX training regime, you have a few options. There are apps, home systems, and even DVDs and additional media you can access to help get you started with TRX. In addition to getting the proper training set up, you will also need to explore your options for TRX suspension systems. You’ll want to look and consider the quality of the straps, the handles, and the price. Most systems will even come with the support of an app or DVD - explore those options as well. 

Training Tips
  • There are some tips you can keep in mind for TRX training: 
  • Train with a partner or group to stay accountable
  • Train outside
  • Focus on your nutrition as well 
  • Ask for help if you need it! 

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