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Thinking of Improving Your Health? Here’s Why Everyone Should Seriously Consider a Regular Stretching Routine From Your Denver Physical Therapist

August 21, 2019

There are many behaviors and routines a person can engage in which can significantly improve one’s overall health situation. You've likely heard of the regular refrain of eating healthy, fresh food and getting plenty of exercise as being a primary path to staying in peak physical health. It’s no secret that some of the most simple activities practiced on a regular basis can have seriously profound results for you and your body. Sometimes the most simple actions are the ones which need to be practiced the most. This is certainly true when it comes to stretching, as this simple, but extremely important activity can have many health benefits for both injured and healthy individuals alike. Here are some of the biggest benefits of stretching from your Denver physical therapist.

Increased Flexibility

We’ve probably all seen individuals walking around who are noticeably stiff and in need of more flexibility. Often, these individuals are older, as a lack of stretching and regular physical activity tends to build up and compound as a person gets older. However, being stiff and immobile person is not simply limited to people who are elderly, as younger people can also begin to show signs of not being limber, especially if they are not staying up to date with their workout routine and stretching exercises.

Being flexible has many health benefits, both in terms of posture as well as overall functionality when it comes to one’s health. If you are stiff and are not especially flexible, any kind of physical activity will present issues for you and you will likely be less capable of completing the activity if you are not stretching on a regular basis. It can not only help you when you are competing in strenuous exercise, but regular stretching can also improve your most basic physical activities. 

Increases Blood Flow

In terms of maintaining your overall health condition, one of the best ways you can achieve this goal by increasing your blood flow, as improved circulation is one of the most important things you can do. A lack of blood flow in your body can lead to a whole host of serious health complications, such as a heart attack, stroke, and decreased physical alertness and responsiveness. 

By performing regular stretches, you not only improve your overall physical flexibility, but you accomplish the goal of increasing your blood flow. By doing this, you will shorten your recovery time after intense workout sessions, as blood flood is an important component to aiding in your physical recovery time. It can also help you reduce your muscle soreness in the even that you exert yourself too much during a workout, for the same reasons. 

Helps Prevent the Onset of Chronic Pain Conditions

When it comes to developing chronic pain conditions, one of the worst things you can do in addition to not regularly working out is to also forgo regular stretching exercises. By regularly stretching, a person is able to improve their overall range of motion, allowing you to loosen your muscles much easier, which in turn prevents you from feeling cramped and lacking mobility. Stretching will reduce the likelihood of chronic pain, as you will be much less tight and not as vulnerable to injuring yourself. A muscles strain can affect many aspects of your life, as you may not be as capable of performing regular activities, especially those which require a large amount of physical exertion and movement. 

Improved Mental Clarity

In terms of improving your overall health, regular stretching can not only benefit your body but can also improve your overall soundness of mind. This is one of the big reasons yoga has seen a massive rise in popularity in recent years, as it is not only an activity done to improve one’s physical flexibility, but it also improves mental clarity and can calm the mind. Yoga is one of the best and most widely-practiced forms of stretching, and yoga studios are a dime a dozen in the Denver area. 

While stretching is not always something which is easy to practice, as it can be intimidating to jump into an intense stretching exercise, the benefits of stretching can improve one’s focus as well as make one feel more confident and less depressed. Often, individuals can find themselves getting stuck in a rut because they are too focused on their mental processes. Stretching allows a person to get out of their head and into their body in a very simple, quick fashion. 

Great For Stress Relief

If you’ve been keeping up on your regular workout routine, one of the things you may find is that your body will build up a certain amount of stress. This is also true in general, as we tend to hold our stress in our body, no matter if it originated from a workout or simply a stressful day at the office. Regularly stretching our body can be a great way to relieve this stress, as it will cause your muscles to lighten up and to release this stress in the form of a particular stretch. Stretching is not just to stay limber, it is also a great way to stay sane!

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