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The Unexpected, Lesser-Known Benefits of Regular Exercise From Your Denver Physical Therapist

November 25, 2019

Everyone knows how beneficial physical exercise is to one’s health. Throughout all varieties of sources, whether from doctors, the media, or anyone you meet on the street, the value of exercise has been shouted from all angles at this point. Clearly, remaining stagnant and refraining from physical activity is not the road to physical wellness, making it especially important for individuals concerned with bettering their health situation to workout regularly. But there are lesser-known benefits which accompany working out that you should be aware of, as it may finally convince you of the value of getting off of your couch. Here are some of the lesser-known benefits of regular exercise from your Denver physical therapist. 

It Can Help to Prevent Bone Disease

In terms of chronic conditions the act of exercise can help to defend, many people are well aware of how it can help reduce the chances of developing heart disease. But did you know that regular exercise can play a major role in preventing bone disease? Research has shown that running or engaging in some form of strenuous physical activity for at least three hours each week can play a huge part in counteracting bone disease. 

Individuals who spend lots of time on the couch or sitting in general are at greater risk for developing some form of bone disease, as it can lead to low mineral content in the bones. In terms of activities which have been shown to have the greatest impact against bone disease, physical activities which are of higher intensity can be the most effective when it comes to the fight against bone disease.

Lowers the Possibility of Physical Confrontations

Although many people may not deal with feeling aggressive towards individuals, people who suffer with chronic anger issues are at greater risk of getting into altercations which can result in a physical fight. This unfortunate reality can lead to a number of detrimental consequences, including dealing with serious legal ramifications as a result of an incident. Thankfully, regular exercise has been shown to reduce the chances of individuals getting into fights, as regular exercise has been shown to lower the incidents of violent behavior in those who are prone to committing such acts.

Beneficial in Helping Individuals Abstain From Smoking

One of the hardest habits to quit is smoking, as this detrimental behavior can have a wide-range of negative health consequences for addicted individuals. The act of giving up smoking can present plenty of challenges for individuals tasked with getting over this act, as physical and psychological cravings can present a serious challenge. One of the best ways to combat the effects of nicotine withdrawal is to engage in regular physical activity, as this can help to redirect the mind from constantly craving a cigarette. Restless energy can be a major factor which contributes to the urge to smoke, which regular workouts can help to release.

Improve Memory

If you’re looking to combat the cognitive decline that can often accompany aging, perhaps the best strategy to employ is to workout on a daily basis. Studies have shown that regular exercise is a major way to slow the progression of memory loss, specifically the kind which results from having Alzheimer’s. Exercise helps to promote and produce the stress hormone CRF, which can help to protect the brain. Another aspect of exercise as it pertains to memory is the fact that it is a great way to help reduce stress, clearing up the mind to think faster and keep mental faculties keen and functioning at their full potential.

Aids in Digestion

Individuals who work out usually love a good meal afterwards, as the act of exercise can help a person feel like they’ve earned their meal. But it might not be widely-known that exercise can also help the act of digestion itself, as it can aid in the digestive process. This is why the act of a short 15-20 minute walk after eating a meal can help a person feel better, especially if they may have overindulged a bit during dinner. A small amount of exercise can help to improve blood sugar levels throughout the day and can help to move glucose from the bloodstream to the muscles. 

Improve Mental Health 

One of the biggest ways that physical activity can positively impact one’s health is through their mental health situation. Regular exercise has been shown to have profound effects on a person’s mental well-being, as it can lead to an elevated mood and positive feelings as a result of a release of dopamine. Additionally, physical activity has been shown to significantly reduce both depression and anxiety, as it can help individuals suffering from these conditions get out of their head and into their bodies, providing a sense of relief from a chronic negative mindset.

It’s widely known that the body can have a huge impact on the mind, as vice versa, showcasing how vital it is to get regular physical activity. It has been said that motion leads to emotion, which is why it is especially critical for individuals who are struggling with depression to get moving, as they are often immobile and feel unmotivated to deal with their life circumstances as a result.

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