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With the Holidays Around the Corner, Here Are Some Ways to Stay Healthy From Your Denver Physical Therapist

December 18, 2019

The holidays are a time which can bring both stress and joy, as the act of gathering with family, friends, and loved ones can either be a source of happiness or, often, one of great turmoil. It’s a time where we often break our diets and regular routines in order to travel to gather with friends and family, which can create an amount of havoc for our physical and mental health situation. While consuming large amounts of food and alcohol can be a fun experience, the aftermath can create an uphill battle for us to dig out of. It’s important to keep our health in check during the holidays so we don’t have to make unrealistic New Years’ resolutions, ones which we will inevitably have a hard time keeping. With that in mind, here are some tips to stay healthy during the holidays from your Denver physical therapist. 

Make Time for Exercise

The act of traveling for the holidays, going from one holiday party to another, can often leave us feeling stretched for time in terms of keeping our regular workout routine in place. It can make it seem as though we have neither the time nor the energy to maintain our healthy habits, which can take a large amount of time to establish in the first place. Having to get on the road and make time for these types of gatherings can present a serious challenge for us, but are not necessarily a guarantee that we will slip and break our habits. Contrary to popular belief, the holidays don’t have to be a time where we lose all inhibition and find ourselves filled to the brim at every turn.

During the holidays, it is vitally important to make time for regular workouts whenever we have the chance to. Undoubtedly, you will have some small stretch of time where you can engage in a small amount of physical activity in order to counteract the amount of binge-eating and drinking you will likely be engaging in. Whether you wake up a little earlier in the morning or use a small stretch of time during the evening, you can still maintain a workout routine during a holiday period of time. 

While you may not be able to engage in your standard workout regimen, especially if you don’t have access to a gym, you can still modify your workout in order to ensure you don’t fall behind. Instead of doing free weights or machines in order to get in your needed strength training, consider pushups and simple squats. Instead of playing a game of basketball or working out on your favorite cardio machine at the gym, think about going for a jog or doing another form of activity which will raise your heart rate. Anything is better than doing nothing, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be enough to put yourself in better position once the holiday season is over. 

Remember Your Gear!

If you happen to be traveling for the holidays, one of the biggest reasons people don’t engage in a regular workout routine is because they’ve left their workout gear at home. It’s an easy cop-out for people who are looking to take a long break from exercise during this timeframe, but it’s something which you should seriously think about prior to packing your bags for the holiday. Remember to bring your gear, such as your workout clothes and shoes, as this will make it much more likely that you will actually follow through on your regular routine.

The act of having to purchase or borrow clothes while you are on vacation will almost certainly make it highly unlikely that you will actually follow through and continue to exercise during this time frame. You should also keep in mind where you may be engaging in your workout activity, as it may be cold outside, requiring you to bring long pants and different types of clothing. Comfort can be a great way to overcome the obstacle of exercising during this timeframe. 

Find Someone to Help Keep You Accountable

Look, if you’re on vacation and around family and friends, there is probably at least one other individual who is trying to keep up their exercise routine. We often feel like we’re the only ones who are trying to break out of the usual holiday routine and keep our exercise lives in order, but the truth is quite the contrary. Many people are beginning to stray from the usual exercise in gluttony and are moving towards a more healthy, conscious way to do the holiday season. 

Discuss your situation with others who may be around during this time period and schedule a time to work out together, whether it be going to the gym or simply going for a short run. Having someone on hand to help keep you accountable can be a great strategy to employ any time, but especially during the holiday season when you are much more vulnerable to staying inside and avoiding any type of physical activity. Instead of falling prey to this type of behavior, set yourself up for success with an accountability buddy. 

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