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How to Eat Better and Feel Better During the Holiday Season From Your Parker Physical Therapist

December 3, 2019

The holidays bring with them plenty of opportunities for indulging in the finer things in life. Whether it be sweets, rich dishes made by your family, or alcohol, the holidays are often as much about endless amounts of consumption as they are seeing loved ones. While this is not something you should avoid altogether, unless you have other health conditions that can complicate the matter, it is important to stay focused on your overall health goals, as the holiday season can certainly set you back significantly. It’s important to balance your binges with an approach that addresses your health needs and puts you on a path to overall wellness. Here are some tips for feeling better and eating better during the holiday season from your Parker physical therapist.

Don’t Overdo the Sweets

One of the most common sights during the holiday season is to see piles upon piles of sugary deserts staring you in the face, beckoning you to jump headfirst into a serious sugar binge that will leave you crashing later in the evening. While a certain amount of sugary indulgence is something you can afford, you should be careful to mind how much you intake, as sugar consumption can put a toll on your health in a number of ways. It’s also an incredibly easy thing to consume, as sugar addiction is something which is definitely a real thing to watch out for and is now a recognized diagnosis in the psychiatric community.

If you are attending a series of holiday parties, ones which will inevitably feature an assortment of sugary goodies, limit the amount you intake throughout the night. Sure, it can seem like an almost impossible task, especially with the number of deserts which will surely be present, but you should consider setting strict guidelines when it comes to what you end up consuming. Try to stay away from the table where the deserts are located, if possible, and make an effort to occupy your mind with other activities, such as engaging in endless conversations with friends and family. Eating as a result of boredom can lead to endless amounts of consumption, something you should try to make the effort to steer clear of.

Moderate Your Drinking

Another staple of the holiday season is to engage in a serious amount of drinking, as this is a common way individuals will unwind and celebrate with their friends and family. While it’s not bad to have a few drinks at a holiday party, it can be easy to slug back one too many, as other attendees will likely be doing the same. Sure, getting intoxicated once in a great while is nothing to become concerned about, but the holidays can end up turning into a small-scale binge, as you stroll from one party to the next drinking copious amounts of booze. This will not only impact your health from an alcohol standpoint, it will also add additional calorie consumption amounts to your already high totals.

If you decide to engage in drinking during the holidays, make a conscious effort to limit your drinking. Whether this means limiting the number of drinks you have at each occasion or limiting your drinking to specific parties, consider ways that will help you moderate your drinking. If you end up drinking more than you should, it is definitely advisable to call for a ride instead of putting yourself and others at risk due to your level of intoxication. There’s nothing that will spoil the holidays more than getting a DUI, so make it a priority to call a cab or rideshare if you have one too many.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

For many, the holidays can be an extremely stressful time for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the financial stress many endure, feeling like they have to keep up with their neighbors when it comes to gifts or decorations, the endless amounts of travel that can accompany the holidays, or simply having to see friends and family, the holidays can be a time that are anything but jolly for a large percentage of the population. By no means are the holidays always a time of joy and relaxation, as the act of traveling or hosting large amounts of people can be a continuous source of stress and frustration, one that can put undue burdens on those having to juggle a thousand different priorities all at once.

If you find yourself feeling unnecessarily stressed as a result of the holiday season, you should seriously consider taking some time for yourself and making your mental health a priority. This can mean saying no to heading out to another party or limiting the amount of time you spend at various gatherings. If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about all of the things you need to get done before the holidays arrive, make a plan and chip away at your list on a daily basis so you can avoid feeling like you are in a neverending crisis. The holidays may bring a large amount of happiness and joy, but feeling stressed is nothing to take lightly and you should always attempt to handle it productively whenever possible.

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