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The Most Common Mistakes You Can Make When Going into Physical Therapy From a Denver Physical Therapist

January 15, 2020

The act of locating the best Denver physical therapist can be a challenge, as there are seemingly endless numbers of clinics to sift through in order to find the one that fits your needs. Often times, you will be looking for a clinic after a serious accident and perhaps insurance will play a key role. Or perhaps you will have to pay out of pocket and you will be looking for a clinic that not only fills your specific injury needs but will also provide you will affordable services. Unfortunately, physical therapy can often be an expensive service to utilize, as clinics must meet their own financial needs during the course of business. It’s important to know what can go wrong in physical therapy before you begin so that you can avoid this unfortunate situation from playing out.

You Don’t Understand Why You’re Doing Something

If you’re going to be engaged in regular physical therapy sessions with a trusted Denver physical therapists, it is extremely important to have a sense of what you are doing before you dive into extended treatment. A lack of understanding will not only leave you less interested and engaged in the treatment that your physical therapist is providing for you, but it will also leave you asking yourself why throughout your sessions with someone. Your physical therapist should always tell you clearly and explicitly why you are doing something and how this will help your defined treatment goals to become a reality. You shouldn’t have to play a guessing game with your treatment, as it is important to have a clear understanding of what you are working towards and how your treatment fits in with this vision.

Your Physical Therapist is Ignoring Your Needs

One of the biggest red flags you can receive as a patient is to notice that your physical therapist is not paying attention to your explicit needs. If you are providing your physical therapist with a clear idea of what you would like to accomplish and what you expect from therapy and they are not giving this any attention, it is a clear indication that they are not the right fit for you as a practitioner. A disengaged physical therapist is not something you should have to put up with and you should seriously consider having someone else as your physical therapist as a result. If your physical therapist is ignoring your needs and what you are asking of them, it is a clear sign of disrespect and indication you should probably seek out the services of someone who will be more attentive and respectful to your needs.

They Are Not Able to Look at the Whole Picture

A big warning sign you should be on the lookout for is a physical therapist that doesn’t address the entire needs of your body, mind, and spirit. If you are struggling with knee pain, it may be the result of a multitude of factors, many of which have nothing to do with the knee itself. A physical therapist who is incapable of looking at the whole picture and is singularly focused on the individual issues a patient is dealing with will be much less equipped to offer expert advice that is useable and relevant. You should seek out a therapist who will provide you with a holistic, whole-patient approach instead of someone who will not think about all of the factors which may be leading to your specific problem. Always work with Denver physical therapists who are interested in your full issues, not just one or two. 

They Are Only Having You Continue Treatment Because They Can Bill You For It

One of the biggest red flags you will run across as a patient with physical therapists is to deal with a practitioner who is trying to bill your insurance as much as possible, overlooking your specific needs as a client in the process. This is why it is especially important to set clear and specific treatment goals with your therapist so you can have a solid understanding of what type of progress you are making and what you still need to do in order to end treatment. If your treatment plan does not include specific or measurable goals that allow you to understand when your treatment is complete, you should think about speaking further with your physical therapist about this issue.

Unfortunately, there are many physical therapy practices that are trying to bill as much as possible from their patients and will do whatever necessary to keep the money train rolling. This is especially true if you have been injured in an auto accident, as physical therapists will know that you will be less concerned about money if your insurance is covering all of your out-of-pocket costs. This will allow them to give you recommendations for services and treatments that you don’t necessarily need but will allow them to run up the things they are able to bill for. While physical therapists are in the business of helping people, many practices can be overcome by the need to make as much money as possible, something which can put patients as a secondary thought and can provide less-than-ideal treatment as a result of this unfortunate reality.

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