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Looking to Hire a New Denver Physical Therapist? Here are the Types of Practitioners You Should Avoid at All Costs

March 11, 2020

The act of locating the best Denver physical therapist can be a challenge, as there are seemingly endless numbers of clinics to sift through in order to find the one that fits your needs. Often times, you will be looking for a clinic after a serious accident and perhaps insurance will play a key role. Or perhaps you will have to pay out of pocket and you will be looking for a clinic that not only fills your specific injury needs but will also provide you with affordable services. Unfortunately, physical therapy can often be an expensive service to utilize, as clinics must meet their own financial needs during the course of business. If you’re searching for your next Denver physical therapist, here are the types of practitioners you should avoid at all costs.

Physical Therapists Who Run Their Practices Like a Machine

In terms of running a successful business, you need to be focused on every detail possible when it comes to your company. Being hyperfocused about every aspect can create a well-oiled machine that is a profitable venture and provides a good experience for customers and clients. But there are times when a physical therapy business can become overly focused on the financial side of things, leaving quality client care to fall to the wayside and create a situation where you feel more like someone who is merely there to make the practitioner a ton of money.

These patient mills will become apparent to anyone paying attention, as the physical therapist will be pushing a number of seemingly irrelevant or unnecessary treatments in the course of your time there. They may begin to refer you to their massage therapy, chiropractor, and other services that you are not necessarily interested in or expressed any desire to participate in, yet they may decide to continue to refer you to these places regardless of what you say to them. It’s important to be aware that you do not need to do anything you are not comfortable with and you should always make it a priority to advocate for what you think is best. 

Physical therapy offices that make it a priority to bill for as many services as possible are often not thinking about their client and are more concerned with their bottom line, which can make you feel like someone who is merely a means to an end. A physical therapist in Denver should never make you feel like a means to make money, even if they are running a business and need to be concerned with their finances. The truth is, your care should always be the top priority for anyone you are working with and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice that in the name of additional services that aren’t relevant to your situation.

Practices that Don’t Accept Your Insurance

One of the most important things you should make a priority during your search for your next Denver physical therapist is to make sure they will accept your insurance. Often, physical therapists will only accept certain types of insurance and will make the act of working with an out-of-network provider a much more expensive process. Most people are not in a position to have the luxury of paying thousands of dollars to see someone out of their care network, making it especially important to work with someone who will accept your certain kind of insurance. Always make sure to check with an office prior to beginning treatment, as it can be stressful to have to start over again with someone else once you learn your insurance is not accepted.

Physical Therapists Who Will Not Communicate Clearly With You

When you’re dealing with a practitioner in any field of medicine, you need to make sure you select someone who is able to communicate clearly and thoroughly throughout your treatment process, as it is important to receive proper guidance and clarity about where you are at in your recovery. Physical therapists in Denver who are not able to return your calls or make you a priority during your recovery will be difficult to fully engage with during treatment, as you will feel neglected and overlooked. You should never work with a physical therapist who will not make communication a priority, as this can be stressful and frustrating to have to deal with.

Instead, you should work with a physical therapist who will adequately and sufficiently explain every step in the process and make you feel at ease about your situation. Dealing with incommunicative physical therapists (or anyone) is a difficult and unfortunate situation that should not be tolerated. You can usually sense of a physical therapist office will be difficult to deal with within your first few times communicating with them. If they have a hard to following up with you or providing essential information necessary to your case, you should probably avoid working with them. If you begin to work with a specific Denver physical therapist and they turn out to be poor communicators, stress to them what your needs are regarding your treatment. If they are unable to meet these needs, you should make the decision to find another practice that will be up to the task.

If you are in need of physical therapy, or have questions about what physical therapy consists of, contact Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness today and we will be happy to assist you with your first steps towards recovery. We have an extensive team of qualified physical therapists and specialists who care deeply about their clients and go above and beyond the call of duty to provide the highest quality treatment in the industry. If you are looking for a therapist who will carefully assess your individual needs and formulate a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your needs, Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness is your preferred choice for the physical recovery process.