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Did You Know Seeing a PT Will Also Improve Your Workout Routine?

By Matt Allyn - April 9, 2020

A physical therapist will not only help you recover from a serious injury, but will also provide you with the foundation for a new workout routine! While your therapist will work to remedy the most immediate pain and immobility form surgery, it is important to understand that a Peak physical therapist can also help individuals who are otherwise healthy. The exercises and activities that a physical therapist will assign and assist you with can improve your overall physical health in a number of ways. Improving your flexibility and mobility through a structured and individually-tailored treatment plan will dramatically improve your overall ability to workout.

It is this individualized and structured plan that will be the cornerstone for your new workout routine. Typically these exercises last only 10-20 minutes which is amount of time to squeeze into any day and begin to build a routine.

Additional benefits of starting this routine is to mitigate further injury!


One of the most common ways a person will get injured during an intense workout session is from the fact that they are inflexible and unable to adapt to their environment. If you are stiff and inflexible, your chances of hurting yourself rise dramatically, making it especially important to do regular stretching exercises before and after your workout. But beyond this fact, it is also crucial to think about how to proactively improve your physical health, as it is not just a matter of doing the basic stretching exercises. This is why consulting a Denver physical therapist to assist you with your workouts will be vital to improving your chances of a healthy workout routine.


Click the link here for a few core exercises that you can do at home today to develop strength in your midline. A strong core is crutial to keeping a healthy back and spine!