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Are Those Aches and Pains More Than Just Aches and Pains?

How Physical Therapy Can Help Osteoporosis

April 14, 2020

If you have random aches and pains, it can be a nuisance. But when do you know when an ache and pain is more than just a minor pain? When do you know your pain is actually osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a bone disease, and while it can make life a little harder for you there are things you can do to make things a little easier.

What is Osteoporosis? 
Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes bones to become brittle and thin - resulting in painful and injuries. Many women develop osteoporosis, including those with a thin frame or who are progressing through the aging process. However, physical therapists can help you treat and overcome the condition. If you or someone you know has developed osteoporosis, it can help to understand the many treatments that physical therapists can provide.

While injuries from osteoporosis won’t ever be 100% preventable, some of the best physical therapists in and around the Denver area can help you prevent injuries through physical therapy.
Weak bones can impair your ability to function properly, inflict you with many bone fracture injuries, and prevent you from performing basic tasks. As a result, the preventative treatments of physical therapy are especially beneficial for osteoporosis patients. The therapy experts can provide advice to help you avoid injuries while maintaining a productive life and fulfilling daily functions.

For instance, we can teach you how to use proper body mechanics, rotate your body, and lift objects without straining your spine. The sessions would also substantially improve your balance. We can help you maintain a steady and balanced posture, use proper walking techniques, and avoid falling down while standing or walking. 
Exercises You can Try Today!
Do you ever lose your balance?

Hesitate before stepping off the curb?

A simple exercise to try is simply standing on one foot! Every morning and every night while you brush your teeth spend one minute standing on each leg. First start out by holding the counter, then slowly progress to no assistnace. Over just a few weeks you will notice your balance starts to improve!

There are a many different types of exercises that you can do that will help you to overcome the symptoms and struggles of osteoporosis. Some of these exercises are more complex than they appear and we recommend visitng your nearest Peak location to learn how to perform them properly and without pain.

After you book an appointment, we at Peak can teach you a diverse range of stretch routines. The stretches can help treat the condition by relieving the pain, rehabilitating past injuries, and by increasing your flexibility to avoid future injuries. Several aerobic, resistance, and spine exercise routines can also help treat osteoporosis. The experts can guide you through exercise routines during the sessions and teach you routines that you can perform at home.

If you believe you are in need of osteoporosis treatment, be sure to contact Peak Physical Therapy & Wellness Our award-winning staff is proud to provide exceptional and personalized physical therapy treatment throughout Colorado. We can implement comprehensive treatments to help you rehabilitate from injuries, overcome the symptoms of osteoporosis, and maintain a happy and productive life.