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Posture: How to Assess & Correct Your Posture to Improve Your Physical Quality of Life

By Kristi Curtis - October 12, 2020

Posture: How to assess & correct your posture to improve your physical quality of life

What is good posture

Simply put, good posture is the correct alignment of your bones so that your body can function at its highest capacity. Just like feeding your body a well-balanced diet for energy, good posture provides the body with the proper support to move in the way it’s supposed to. This decreases wear and tear on the body helping to postpone conditions and symptoms such as joint pain, arthritis, stiffness, and muscle tears. 

Why should I care?

Posture is not something most of us think about on the day to day, and when we do, it feels more like a chore than a necessity. Unfortunately, with an increase in the usage of electronics, our postures are degrading rapidly. This is causing an increase in aches, pains, medications, surgeries, and a decrease in overall health. Poor posture can lead to issues with your breathing as it can compress your ribcage and can affect heart health. Posture is more important that you think. 

How to assess your own posture

1. Standing in front of a mirror check to see 

  • Are your shoulders even?

  • Are your toes pointing forward?

  • Is your weight evenly distributed through your feet?

2. Standing to the side in front of the mirror

  • Is your chin slightly tucked?

  • Are your shoulders inline with your rib cage?

How to improve your posture

When sitting 

  • Make sure your sitting up straight with a natural curve in your lower back

  • Your shoulders are down and back 

  • And your chin is slightly tucked

This may feel strange at first but know you are on your way to a better posture.