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The Shockingly Effective Results of Electric Stimulation in Rehab!

By Alex Nutter - November 4, 2020

Neuromuscular Eletric Stimulation shows rapid improvement in recovery and is shockingly effective!

Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation (NMES) and is a tool that can significantly improve the function of muscles in certain situations.  Following a surgery or injury, swelling and inflammation are common.  This swelling can affect the way that our nerves are able to control muscle movements and control.  This is especially common in knee injuries involving the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) and Meniscus.

A Physical Therapist can use specifically directed electric stimulation in order to counter the effects of this impairment and improve the muscles ability to function.  This can lead to improved ability to stand, walk, squat, and decreased pain.  By appropriately activating a non-functioning muscle, our joints can move the way that they were intended.  Similar to a machine with a defective gear, our body cannot function appropriately when a muscle is not doing its job to the full potential.

NMES can show rapid improvements in muscular function that are visible immediately.  Usually this intervention is only required for a few sessions before the muscle is able to function appropriately without external help.  NMES can be used throughout the body on a multitude of muscles. 

If you're having feelings of instability, pain, or general dysfunction?  Ask your therapist if NMES might be right option for you!