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Quick Tips - Tackling Stairs with Crutches!

Tackling Stairs with Crutches!

Often overlooked until the moment comes when you are looking up or down a staircase with crutches in hand thinking... now what?

If you have an upcoming surgery or have suddenly found yourself having to use crutches, stairs can be the most challenging part of getting around your house or even gracefully hopping up a curb onto the sidewalk.

Here are our quick tips to ensure you can make it around your house and your community safely.  

  1. Up with the “Good” (uninjured), Down with the “bad” (Injured) 
  2. When stepping up the stairs, Leave crutches below the step and place weight through your hands on the crutches, step up with the uninjured leg. Bring the crutches up the step to meet you.  
  3. When stepping down the stairs, stand on your uninjured leg and hold your injured leg in front of you hanging over the step and place the crutches on the step below. Then support your weight through your hands, and bring your uninjured leg down the step to meet the crutches.