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Happy and Healthy this Holiday season, Physical Therapy Denver, CO

January 3, 2022

It’s that time of the year where all are gathering in festive cheer. Whether travelling to visit your loved ones or enjoying some solo relaxation, we want to keep you feeling your best! As we stuff our faces with delicious dishes we can amass a little fluff, however, sometimes we swell up not due to what we consume but because of systems within our bodies. This can be caused by lymphedema.

Lymphedema is a condition that causes limbs to become enlarged due to tissue swelling. Improper drainage of protein-rich fluids leads to this ballooning effect; it can develop when you have lymph nodes removed or if your lymphatic vessels are damaged. This condition often affects arms and legs however it can occur in other places as well. While all can suffer from lymphedema, commonly cancer patients experience this swelling due to having lymph nodes removed or damaged while in treatment.

At PEAK Physical Therapy and Wellness we offer a range of services and Lymphedema Treatment is one of them! You can view patient forms here to fill out and submit inorder to get into one of our offices today!

Lymphedema treatment can look like a multitude of things as it is a condition that is not curable. From movement to massage, physical therapy is shown to drastically decrease symptoms you may experience. While enjoying your holidays, you don't want to be plagued with a lack of mobility or an infection. Our specially trained physical therapists will work with you to create a treatment plan to help you stay happy and healthy. 

Briefly, some of the options:

Regular lymphatic massages 

Swelling is caused by a lack of drainage throughout your lymphatic system. A regular massage schedule for your afflicted areas will encourage drainage and keep those protein-rich fluids from building up so quickly.


Another great way to encourage drainage is to engage in light physical activity. The gentle contraction of your muscles will help your lymphatic system keep the fluids moving.

Compression garments

Keeping your extremities compressed also helps with drainage. While you can grab a compression sleeve from the store, it is best to see your physical therapist. This is because it is important to get the proper amount of compression for your needs. You can cut off blood flow or end up not compressing enough to encourage drainage if you try to assess yourself.
These are just a few possibilities for a lymphedema treatment regimen with us. As you work with our specialist you may find certain things help you more than others. That is great! Please give us feedback as to how your journey to staying happy and healthy is going. We care about you and your wellbeing, not only during the holidays but year round! Contact us today to get into one of our offices near you!