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Increasing mobility with your Denver physical therapist

February 14, 2022

Movement is essential to an athlete. At the base of any sport, matter of fact just about anything, an action that must be made in order for a result to be obtained. Sharks cannot breathe unless they are moving, plants move with the sun to live, and a bat must be swung in order for there to be a home run. Having a full range of motion is what an athlete needs in order to thrive in a competitive environment. Here at Peak Physical therapy and Wellness we offer services to aid you in recovery and increasing your mobility.

Every sport demands a certain level of strain on specific muscles. Pitches rely on their rotator cuffs and to soccer players, their hamstrings and acls are precious. When these muscles are injured or torn they cannot function at the same caliber as they once did. At least not for a while. When muscles repair themselves, just like the skin, a scar is left. This is a patch, a cover, a stand in for what was once there. Scars on the muscle can lead to restrictions in the soft tissue which result in a loss of movement; in order to work through the scar tissue we employ a method that is called the Graston technique. This is also often represented as an acronym IASTM which stands for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manual therapy which we will go into below.

IASTM: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manual therapy 

There are many different forms of manual therapy, at Peak PT we use the Graston Technique as mentioned above. This technique uses specialty hand held instruments to work through your soft tissue by rubbing and scraping across the skin over the affected area. The act of scraping helps loosen the scar tissue and also rearranges the structure of the tissue to encourage circulation and a strengthened growth pattern. If you suffer from achilles tendinitis, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff tendinitis, neck or back pain, shin splints or joint swelling to name a few, then this technique is for you. Used in the treatment of many professional athletes, this technique is regarded as one of the best ways to rehabilitate damaged tissue.

You can also work towards increasing your mobility at home! While you need us for the proper Graston Technique, staying hydrated and engaging in low to no weight activities will keep your muscles limber. Keeping your muscles active will lessen the strain they receive as you begin to work towards operating at full capacity again! 

Connect with us today to begin your journey to recovery and a more mobile life. Our main focus here at Peak Physical Therapy and wellness is your wellbeing. Whether it be swimming with the sharks or swinging for the fences; using the Graston Technique our physical therapists will work with you to get there.