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Pain is a pain, let your Denver physical therapist help!

February 14, 2022

From mild discomfort to knockout migraines, pain is annoying if not debilitating. Though a life without it seems like it would be amazing, pain is actually a very important bodily response. Connected to one of our five senses, touch, pain is like an alert system for our bodies. Our nervous systems sense an unknown feeling and contact the brain about a potential problem. Without this natural response system, we as humans would be much less aware of dangers and potentially harmful situations. There is a saying “pain is only temporary” sadly, this is not always the case. There are two types of pain, acute pain is more brief and often happens suddenly after injury or as a result of sickness or disease. Chronic pain on the other hand is a lasting pain that may never go away. Below we will dive into these two different types of pain and what we here at PEAK physical therapy and wellness can do to help you! 

Types of pain

Acute pain

As mentioned above, acute pain is often felt fairly immediately and for a “short” duration of time. A scraped knee, headache, upset stomach, to name a few, are all considered to be acute pains. If you are one of our more physical athletes participating in sports such as boxing or jiu jitsu, you have probably taken blows to the head and body. These instantaneous bursts often heal fairly quickly however, because of them you are probably very familiar with acute pain. If you have ever been knocked in the head and are experiencing pain, reach out to us! We want to ensure your best living without unnecessary pain. We can assess your injuries and offer a best plan of action to get you feeling your best! 

Chronic pain

A kind of pain that lasts. Chronic pain can be characterized as a discomfort lasting weeks to months to years. It can begin as an infection or an injury that never heals properly. While chronic pain might stay with you, here at PEAK physical therapy and wellness we have some great rehabilitative services to minimize your pain to the best of our abilities. Have you ever had issues with your jaw or other facial movements? You might suffer from a disorder called temporomandibular disorder or (TMD). The temporomandibular joints are what connect our lower jaw to the skull and they allow us to open and close our mouths amongst other things. When these joints work properly we hardly take notice however, if something is awry you will definitely know. Have you ever suffered from sinus pain, jaw pain, or headaches? Myofascial pain, degenerative joint disease, and dislocated joints all can be related to TMD. Going too long without treatment can be detrimental and lead to more severe and painful problems as time continues. 

We at PEAK physical therapy and wellness want you to always feel your best and while pain is a part of life, it doesn’t have to stop it! Reach out to us today and see what services we offer to help combat this discomfort!