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Are you at risk of injury? Your Denver physical therapist can tell you

April 14, 2022

Few things are more inconvenient than an unexpected injury. Whether a professional athlete or simply someone who enjoys activity, our bodies are important. While we here at Peak physical therapy and wellness offer recuperative services, we also provide injury preventative programs as well! Employing two different systems, we are able to determine your ability and risk of injury. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with an exercise plan that will keep you moving and unharmed.

What do we do? Previous to developing a plan, we utilize either FMS (Functional movement screening) or SFMA (Selective functional movement assessment) to gain a better understanding of your current physical state. Both of these systems provide a snapshot of your current range of motion and can be used to help build total body fitness through specified exercises.

FMS Functional Movement Screening

This screening is useful when establishing a starting point and realistic goals for total bodily health. A system that assesses different functional movements, many professional organizations including the MLB, NFL, and NHL utilize FMS. Looking to build strength and speed while also instituting corrective movement patterns? Start here with us and FMS, we will aid you in decreasing your risk of injury while improving your overall health.

SFMA Selective Functional Movement Assessment

A more indepth movement assessment, this system is used to determine significant medical problems in targeted areas. SFMA is employed when FMS is not enough. Providing more prescriptive examinations it aids our physical therapists in identifying the source of pain as well as the potential cause. 

Post assessment or screening your physical therapist will provide an action plan including things like stretches, exercises, and stationary practices. We recommend a follow up to reassess your movement and determine the success of the initial plan. So, before you experience pain or injury, let us help. We want to minimize injury and the negative complications our guests could experience. Mobility is a gift that we want to ensure we can keep on giving. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment!