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Unfortunately, risk of injury is a non-discriminant threat. In all levels of activity there is potential for an injury. While the road to recovery isn't always an easy one, we at Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness are here to assist you. In the case you have been injured or are looking to get back and active, our physical therapists are here to help!

We offer a range of muscle and joint rehabilitation services as well as stretching techniques. Whatever your ailment, we have got a program to get you back up and moving. Using a collaborative effort, our physical therapist, your doctor, and yourself will work to generate a treatment plan that will strengthen and recuperate your muscles.

What does this look like? Depending on the injury and corrective action needed, treatment plans will vary. A consistent schedule of stretches and mobility exercises are likely to be part of your plan! These forms of movement engage your muscles in a less strenuous manner and allow for gradual growth and increased mobility. While injuries come in all forms, some require more delicate rehabilitation than others. Have you had a surgery as a result of or a deterrent for injury? If so, we also have a range of postoperative plans which will be tailored to your specific needs.

Being active is not without risk, post surgery or after injury recovery plans are just some ways in which our physical therapists can help you. Here at Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness we are determined to help you recover and get back on track with where you want to be. 

Visit us here today to schedule an appointment. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding services or potential treatment plans! It is our goal here at Peak to provide you with the utmost service and ensure you can be as active as you choose!