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Men's health with your Denver physical therapist


A couple months back we touched on our women's health services and this week we will note what we have for the men! While men make up about half of the population, different bodies need different types of care. We are going to highlight some of our men's health services available to those who identify as such and require these forms of attention!

Physical health is very important because it can impact mental health. Understanding what your body needs to help you feel your best is what we are here for. At Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness our therapists will work with you to ensure you are as healthy and happy as possible. Men’s health is not often talked about, however, it is still very important! We are going to note a few issues most men and people with penises experience and how we here at Peak can help. 

Some of the most common issues across the board are bladder and bowel irregularities. Stemming from weakened pelvic floor muscles, these dysfunctions can make activities unbearable or even impossible at times. Uncomfortable constipation and IBS can deter you from doing the things you love and leave you feeling unable to be active. We here at Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness will develop a plan to help stabilize your pelvic muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor. Treatments could include internal and external muscular release to the pelvic floor, hip, and low back region as well as exercises for core stabilization and neural release. If you are experiencing discomfort do not hesitate to reach out to us. It is our mission to make sure our community members are feeling their best!

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