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Looking for the Right Parker Physical Therapist? Here are Some Questions You Should Ask Them

October 29, 2019

If you’ve recently been seriously injured, part of your recovery process will likely include some form of physical therapy, as this will help you achieve the outcome you are seeking in a faster fashion. It’s important to stay informed throughout this process, which is why it’s critical to ask your physical therapist a series of questions which will help to keep you in the loop on your recovery journey. Don’t simply assume that every physical therapist will guide you through every step of the process, as some clinics are overloaded with clients and not always able to provide the best possible service. In order to be your own best advocate throughout the process, here are some important questions you should ask your Parker physical therapist.

How Long Will My Recovery Process Take?

In terms of commonly asked questions for your physical therapist, one of the most important ones you will inevitably ask is: how long will this process take? It’s important not to simply believe that this will be included in your treatment plan, as it can get overlooked if you are not diligent about asking your Parket physical therapist how long the process will take. As with many aspects of your recovery, it is vitally important to be your own advocate so you can receive the best possible treatment and information from those who are tasked with treating you.

As a part of your recovery, it is important to understand how long your recovery will take, to give you a realistic timeframe for when you can expect to return to normal activities. Being left in the dark will leave you to guess how long it will take, possibly leading you to make a mistake about whether or not you are ready to engage in whatever particular activity you would like to return to. Instead, get an accurate time frame of how long your recovery will take and ask regularly about how you are doing. If you are making a large amount of progress, recovery times can change depending on these factors. 

What Will My Sessions Entail?

For individuals who have never been through the process of physical therapy, the act of entering treatment can be something that is foreign and difficult to picture. Instead of guessing about what your sessions might look like, speak with your physical therapist about what your treatment will consist of, as they will be able to give you an accurate picture of what to expect. Of course, your treatment will depend upon your specific injury and what is needed to bring you back to your desired physical state.

Beyond your specific injury, your physical therapy sessions will also depend on individual factors specific to your case. These include things such as your medical history, your age, your overall physical condition, and the events which led to your injury. A physical therapist will assess these factors before creating a realistic treatment plan for you to follow. Once they have created a treatment plan for you, your regular sessions will follow a protocol of exercises, stretches, and other activities that the physical therapist deems relevant to helping you regain your motion. These can change and evolve over time, and will be based on how well you are progressing in your treatment.

Do You Commonly Treatment My Type of Injury?

It’s important to understand that not all physical therapists are equipped to handle all types of injuries. Although physical therapists are trained to be able to treat a wide variety of conditions, many physical therapists will not have the experience needed to fully address your specific condition in the best possible way. There are some PT’s who will have more experience working with a certain type of injury, potentially making them a much better fit to treat your condition. 

Before you begin the process of working with someone, think about asking them if they have experience working with your injury. If they don’t, it’s a good idea to consider asking them if they can recommend another therapist who is more experienced working with your particular situation. Some physical therapist develop specialty’s a result of who they work with, making them more qualified to handle your situation. 

Who Will I Be Working With?

It can be easy to assume that the person who is the physical therapist will be the individual tasked with working with you, but this is often not the case. Instead, you may end up working with someone else, likely a physical therapy assistant, who will be doing the bulk of the work with you. Many physical therapists hire assistants to carry out the bulk of their sessions, and are simply there to set the treatment plan and to consult with patients on their progress and what they would like to receive throughout their treatment process.

Additionally, it’s important to ask whether you will be seeing the same person with each session, as this can contribute to the overall progress of your case. Seeing a different person each time can provide a poor sense of continuity of care for clients, making it a priority that you request to see the same person each time so they know what is needed for your situation.

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