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Why Flexibility Matters with your Denver Physical Therapist

Movement is what our bodies are for. If we didn’t need to walk, run, talk, jump, etc then there would be no need for our intricately designed muscular system. In order to move with ease, our muscles require a certain degree of flexibility. Why is flexibility important? We will discuss some of the reasons here.

Injury Prevention

Flexibility plays a large role in the range of motion of our muscles. As flexibility increases, risk due to run of the mill injuries decreases. This is because our bodies can move in a less rigid manner allowing more fluid transition between positions and activities. If you have ever tried to run or play a game without warming up, you may be familiar with slight pain or less mobility than you are used to. Stretching engages our muscles and promotes flexibility. Highlighted in OrthoInfo by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons is a list of stretches that promote flexibility. Here at Peak Physical Health and Wellness we also recommend a number of these activities to our clients to improve flexibility and promote injury prevention.

Improve Balance

Balance and flexibility are tightly intertwined. Every muscle in our body is connected in some manner. As we engage in activity and work on total flexibility, we are strengthening those connections and working through tightness. A study published in the Journal of Sports, Science, and Medicine indicated a noticeable improvement in balance where the control group was concerned. In this study, individuals who did 50 minute sessions of activity twice weekly had increased balance compared to their counterparts.

Muscle and Mental Longevity

Almost no one yearns for a shorter life. Flexibility is incredible for maintaining a stable muscular system and along with that, strengthens the mental. When humans are restricted it wears on the mind. Not being able to function as you once could can cause unwanted mental strain. Maintaining a level of flexibility is important to how we move about our daily lives; from reaching to crouching, flexibility plays a role. An article written in Harvard Health showcases the importance of flexibility in our everyday lives.

Are you looking for more mobility? Do you desire increased flexibility and everything that comes with it? Reach out to us today or visit one of our many metro offices. We here at Peak Health and Wellness strive to help you live healthily and happily. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today!